>>lyrical, virtuosity, cheeky, emotional,melancholy, exciting & catchy<<.

Photo by Christoph Ammann Photography

Rosetta Bachofner is a swiss based film composer and performing artist.

She holds a bachelor's degree in vocal jazz from the university of arts of Berne, Switzerland.  Currently, she studies in her master's degree in scoring for motion picture as the only Swiss and only woman at the FILM SCORING ACADEMY OF EUROPE. 

As a trained and educated jazz vocalist, she plays in Switzerland and aboard. She's active in a variety of musical constellations and projects including her main band FILOU MEETS FLAIR (ORCHESTRA & 4tet). 

 Since ten years she plays piano. Since five years double bass and sometimes you might catch her with the saxophone as well. 

As a composer  she works on different projects and on a variety of soundscapes. Either for film, theater or as songwriter you will catch "here and there" her footprints. 

The dynamism and sophistication of her charism creates a completely unique sound world, where you can explore her's. 


"Vielen Dank Foxy Ladies  für den romantisch-beflügelnden Abend!
Sehr schönes Konzert.
Wunderbares Wetter, Seeterrasse rappelvoll!"
THANKS ! - Monique Werro - Montreux meets Brienz Jazz Festival


>> She did brilliant!<<  - Paul Lytton (drummer) 

 Evan Parks, Barry Guy & Paul Lytton 2018


"Rosetta war eine tolle Wahl als Musikerin für unserer Hochzeit!"- Lisa Zwahlen 


"Wie sie mit so wenig, so viel kreiert!" - Martin Hansen


Rosetta studies in her master's degree in Scoring for motion picture at the Film Scoring Academy Of Europe. 

Rosetta holds a bachelor of arts in vocal jazz from the university of arts in Berne.

(Hochschule der Künste Bern - HKB).


Denise Bregnard, Efrat Alony, Peter Gromer, Django Bates, Dejan Terzic, 

Phillip Henzi, Marc Stucki, David Grottschreiber, Klaus Wagenleiter, Immanuel Brockhaus, 

Martin Streule, Thomas Dürst, Frank Sikora, Stefan Rademacher, 

Andreas Meili, Patrice Moret, Bernhard Bamert, Matthieu Michel, Klaus König


Helene Moser, (Physio), Barbara Tschanz , (Logopedics)

Virginia Beatrice , Benjamin Külling , Matthias Kohler, Bruno Ruch, 
Daniel Schenker, Armin Waschke.  


w/ Sidsel Endresen (vocals)
 w/ Lori Williams (vocals)
w/ Jakob Bro Trio (Jakob Bro git, Joey Baron dr, Thomas Morgan b)
w/ Evan Parker, Barry Guy & Paul Lytton (Improvisation)

Photo by Werner Tschan