Rosetta Bachofner, voc & p / voc & b (solo) 

In her solo performance, Rosetta captivates with her main instrument, the voice, adorned by piano accompaniment or with the double bass. From traditional jazz to the romantic ballad side. The warm color and sonorous sound of her voice, combined with those instruments, gives a charming, intimate glance to the audiance.  

Photo by Caroline Zaugg


Artwork by Josephine Nagorsnik

Rosetta Bachofner, comp,voc, p
Nancy Meier , fl
Matteo Burci, kb 
Félix Bettems, dr

There, where fox and hare say good night in the back of beyond, 
Filou meets Flair finally begins to get a drink along. 

Individual notes sneak through the night together into the sounds of completed tales. Prescribed to jazz, in all its glorious facets,
FILOU MEETS FLAIR wanders on the thin line away from the entrenched ways and detects any sound out of an ever-changing perspective.

Rosetta’s compositions, allows the audience to feel into the story behind the sound. Euphoric melodies turn into moody distance, sometimes back and forth. Filou meets Flair is a special band in a special occupation dedicated to the wide world of Jazz.
Lyrical, virtuosity, melancholy, exciting & catchy.


Photo by Caroline Zaugg

Rosetta Bachofner, voc  & Matteo Burci, kb 

Pearls from different music genres - but always close to jazz. 

specially arranged for vocals and double bass and set in a very fresh breezy way. 



As an experienced performer and well connected musician I am able to put together a band for any occasion.
Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss various possibilities in regards to lineup and reptertoire


                                                 Rosetta Bachofner, voc                                 Julia Ruchti, git

Who is foxy and who is lady?  
Their passion for Jazz, Blues and Evergreens surrounded by Bossa Nova, let grow the melodic "common theme" in every ear! 
Catch this charismatic duo and be a part of their journey.

>>Vielen Dank FOXY LADIES für den romantisch-beflügelnden Abend!
Sehr schönes Konzert.
Wunderbares Wetter, Seeterrasse rappelvoll! <<
Monique Werro - Montreux Meets Brienz Jazz Festival 2018
>> Das war ein tolles Duo an unserer Hochzeit!<<
 Lisa Zwahlen, Braut


Rosetta Bachofner (voc,p) Nancy Meier (fl) 

Jazz Duo NUK performs on various occasions. Together, the two ladies create her own world. 
The repertoire ranges from jazz, over free improvisation to many well known melodies.