Rosetta Bachofner, comp,voc, p   -  Nancy Meier , fl/ afl/voc  - Benjamin Hasler, tp / flgh - Kevin Sommer, bcl
Zoe Gordon, violine -  Sophia Binggeli, viola - Milena Salvatti, cello
Loic Baillod, kb  - Félix Bettems, dr


Rosetta Bachofner, vocals, composition 
Milena Salvatti, cello


Rosetta Bachofner, comp,voc, p
Nancy Meier , fl

Matteo Burci, kb 
Félix Bettems, dr

There, where fox and hare say good night in the back of beyond, 
Filou meets Flair finally begins to get a drink along. 

Individual notes sneak through the night together into the sounds of completed tales. Prescribed to jazz, in all its glorious facets,
FILOU MEETS FLAIR wanders on the thin line away from the entrenched ways and detects any sound out of an ever-changing perspective.

Rosetta’s compositions, allows the audience to feel into the story behind the sound. Euphoric melodies turn into moody distance, sometimes back and forth. Filou meets Flair is a special band in a special occupation dedicated to the wide world of Jazz.
Lyrical, virtuosity, melancholy, exciting & catchy.


Rosetta Bachofner, (solo)  voc & p / voc & b

In her solo performance, Rosetta captivates with her main instrument, the voice, adorned by piano accompaniment or with the double bass. From traditional jazz to the romantic ballad side. The warm color and sonorous sound of her voice, combined with those instruments, gives a charming, intimate glance to the audiance.  


The charming duo crosses many genres. From the roaring 20ies to the Rolling Stones or covers of Johnny Cash, they have plenty of repertoire. Of course self made, original compositions are part of their daily basis and of course you will hear them as well on stage. 

Rosetta Bachofner, voc  & Paul Ader, git 

Rosetta Bachofner & Loic Baillod 

They've met, they played, they knew. ..

The combination of the two musicians is pretty special. Only with voice and double bass they are able to create a whole new world. The sensitivity for jazz and improvised music, as well as for well known songs, allows them to float over special melodies and harmonies. 


Virginia Lucioli, violino  / Rosetta Bachofner, voc, b / Giovanna Gatto, piano