APATE by Salient Media GmbH

FILM PREMIERE in Capitol Cinema, Olten Switzerland

23rd of June 2022




"Magic moments will be found when a really good tune is written!

What I love about "Growing" is everything. The composition, the arrangement & I do love Rosetta's voice!"

- Christopher Young (Film Composer) on Rosetta's Song "Growing"

"It truly has been a wonderful journey! 

Thank you so much for your amazing work and dedication! 

Cannot wait to watch it on the big screen, soon!!!"

 - Niklas Burn, (Salient Media GmbH) on the movie APATE

" She did brilliant!"

 Evan Parks, Barry Guy & Paul Lytton

"wow.  Amazing and so touching." 

- Ethereal Sounds Production

"This just made my day listening to"
- Chris McLuvn (Film Composer)

"Vielen Dank  für den romantisch-beflügelnden Abend!
Sehr schönes Konzert.
Wunderbares Wetter, Seeterrasse rappelvoll!"
- Monique Werro - Montreux meets Brienz Jazz Festival